Aria's Beauty Box

Gemstone Bracelets & Essential Oil Scented Candles

Aria's Beauty Box is a treasure of exciting and beautiful creations. We offer Essential Oil Fragrant Candles made with Coconut Soy, Pure Soy and Pure Beeswax along with our Gemstone Beaded Bracelets. We hope you find the same joy and delight as we do in bringing our passion for all things beautiful around us and on us.

All Gemstones, including Precious gemstones and Scented Candles are hand-made at our Texas location.

Our Gemstone products are created with loving hands and has been a family tradition passed on. Each piece is carefully designed with eye for color, blend and materials. Our Precious Gemstone bracelets provide natural and spiritual meanings. Some of the gemstones used are Pietersites, Kyanites, Rutilated Quartz, Botswana Agate, Agate, Amazonite, Jade, Obsidian, Jasper and of course the popular Blue Tiger Eye, just to name a few.

There is something for everyone to highlight the beauty in you. And the scented candles are just what is needed to bring the fresh scents into the air. Take your time to browse, if you have any questions, reach out on the contact tab and we will quickly respond to assist.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring you beauty and joy.

Our promise is to offer you the best in service and quality products.

Aria's Beauty Box Family

Gemstones have mesmerized people for centuries. Throughout history, gems had become a sign of wealth and grew even more popular when an entire belief system arose around the energy and symbolic properties of these stunning stones. Of course, we know gemstones are most popular as jewelry, but many civilizations believed they were endowed with mysterious powers.

What Are Gemstones?
Gemstones are minerals, rocks, and other organic materials that are cut and polished to create pieces of jewelry and other attractive accessories for clothing or decorative ornaments. Gems are either considered precious or semi-precious.

The Formation of Diamonds vs. Gemstones
Unlike gemstones, diamonds are the only gem formed by a single element. That element is highly pressurized carbon. Gemstones are usually made up of two or more compounds. 
Gemstone Origins

Ever wondered where gemstones come from? Well, the short answer is 3 to 25 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. That is where most gemstones are formed and are then either mined or brought to the earth’s surface during a natural process.

Fun fact #3: There are only two gems, diamonds, and peridot, that are formed and found much deeper in the earth.

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