Hindu philosophy identifies seven primary chakras and many more minor chakras. The major ones include: Muladhara (root chakra): This chakra is at the bottom of the spine, between the anus and genitals. It purportedly influences the basic urges of sex, food, sleep, and self-preservation. Svadhisthana (sacral chakra): Located at the pelvis, this chakra influences the regulation of emotions and desires. Manipura (navel chakra): This chakra is just below the navel. Strength in this chakra aids digestion and the ability to process life’s experiences. Anahata (heart chakra): This chakra is located at the heart, and its purpose is to help a person connect with unconditional love. Vishuddha (throat chakra): Positioned at the pit of the throat, this chakra’s function is authenticity and personal expression. Ajna (third eye chakra): Located between the eyebrows, this chakra is a seat of inner knowledge and consciousness. Sahasrara (crown chakra): Located just above the top of the head, this chakra’s role is to promote a more enlightened approach to the world.

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